Other events in and around Surrey Plus sporting fixtures

Event ideas

How often do we hear ‘I don’t know what to put on as an event’ or ‘I am struggling to find new ideas’ well hopefully this small selection of what is going on in Surrey over the next few months

2 September - Italian GP
2 September - American Car Day for further details go to https://www.visitsurrey.com/whats-on/american-day-at-brooklands-musuem-p1529271
7-8 September - Glive Beer festival for further inforamtion go to https://glive.co.uk/Online/beer-festival-2018
15 September - Glive Food & drink festivsl for futher information go to https://glive.co.uk/Online/tickets-food-and-drink-festival-guildford-2018
16 September - Singapore GP
30 September - Farnham Food Festival for further details go to https://www.visitsurrey.com/whats-on/farnham-food-festival-2018-p1572441
30 September - Russian GP

7 October - Japanese GP
13-14 October - Model Railway Exhibition for further details go to https://www.visitsurrey.com/whats-on/dorking-and-district-model-railway-club-exhibition-p1540611
14 October - Autumn Motorsport Day at Brooklands for further details go to https://www.visitsurrey.com/whats-on/autumn-motorsport-day-p1529311
18 October - Comedy Night at Glive for further information go to https://glive.co.uk/Online/HellfireComedyClub
21 October - USA GP
27 October - Ripley Bonfire for further details go to https://www.visitsurrey.com/whats-on/ripley-bonfire-2018-p1526131
28 October - Mexican GP

11 November - Brazilian GP
18 November  - Miltary Vehicles at Brooklands for further information go to https://www.visitsurrey.com/whats-on/military-vehicles-day-at-brooklands-museum-p1529321
25 November - Abu Dhabi GP


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